The Job Bank showcases employment opportunities in First Nations organizations and helps job seekers find a fulfilling job that meets their needs. The Job Bank is divided into four sections: employment opportunities at the FNEC and Kiuna Institution, jobs offered by other First Nations organizations operating in Quebec, additional job offers as well as internship and training opportunities.
The First Nations Job Bank is updated regularly, so come back often!
Best of luck in your job search!


Inspiring places to work and live

Working in an FNEC-member community is an opportunity for discovery and personal development through cultural rapprochement. Come make a difference and join us in a culturally and socially enriching experience where you can meet unforgettable people!

A World of Possibilities

The FNEC is made up of 22 member communities representing 8 nations each one defined by its own culture, history, traditions and values. Urban or rural, French or English-speaking, each community offers a unique allure and way of life. A welcoming environment and an exciting experience is right around the corner!