Welcome to the First Nations Education Council (FNEC) job bank

Our job bank was created to circulate employment opportunities offered in First Nations settings and help all persons who want to work with First Nations find quality jobs that meet their needs. Our job bank is divided into four sections: job openings at the FNEC, job openings at Kiuna Institution, and lastly, job openings at other First Nations organizations in Quebec. The job bank is updated regularly, so come back often to consult the many opportunities available. Happy searching!

Job postings

Job Title: Project Lead
Employer: Micmac Nation of Gespeg
Job Title: Physical Education Teacher
Employer: Kiuna
Job Title: Recreational vehicle specialized cleaner
Employer: Horizon Lussier
Job Title: Recreational vehicle mechanic apprentice
Employer: Horizon Lussier
Job Title: Parts clerk
Employer: Horizon Lussier
Job Title: RV Technician
Employer: Horizon Lussier